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We are leaders in the Complaince Software Industry. We developed the first CFPB Compliance Management System for the Collection and ARM industry. With the success of that endeavor and feeback from our clients, we developed more robust Compliance Management Systems for the Automotive, Education and Mortgage Industries and packed them with more features.

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Compliance Management Systems

In today's business environment compliance is key to success. The CFPB was created in 2011 for the purpose of protecting consumers, which in turn can cause risks to your organization. With that in mind we have created multiple Compliance Mangagement Systems for multiple industries, such as Mortgage, Education, Automotive and Accounts Receivable Management. These robust systems employ the Menu-matic tm closed loop compliance process methodology and contain many supporting applications designed to keep you compliant and to allow for proof of compliance. Our newest feature is the Vendor Oversight module which was designed to track your vendor's risk. Did you know that under the CFPB you are liable for the infrations of your vendors? For more information on products available for your industry, visit http://www.icompliance.software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Some CRMs can be very expensive and too complex to use. With that in mind, we have integrated an Internationally renown CRM specifically for Universities and Higher Institutions of Learning. It's user friendly and can be integrated with our VOIP dialer systems to provide you with a complete CRM with call recording and lead tracking features.

Our Service Offerings

Web based software programming

We specialize in Web applications written in PHP, AJAX, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript with 24/7 uptime webhosting. We developed the most robust CFPB Compliance Management Systems available. We also have impletements a full service CRM for universities and higher learning institutions.

WAN/LAN Design & Implementation/Support

Do you have a complex network? We are masters of complexity when it comes to networking. We offer multiple tiered firewall security solutions to ensure your data is safe. We can construct intricate network topologies to fit your organization and make your network more efficient

Server Support for Microsoft & Linux

Our staff have the expertise to setup, administer, and support servers for your enviroment. We can maintain your hardware for you giving you the piece of mind. We specialize in Linux server enviroments but also can support Windows server enviroments.

VOIP PBX & Dialer Implementation

We can provide you with local and international phone numbers and state of-the-art hardware and software to manage your phone systems. We can customize dialers for inbound/outbound & blended campaigns to best suit your business needs.

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